Yoga For All!

Ana Pinto
2 min readNov 25, 2020
Photo by Ana Pinto

Being one of the most popular Yoga tools, Functional Hatha Yoga provides therapeutic benefits and greater body awareness, avoiding as much as possible an “autopilot” kind of life. There are countless purposes for regular practice: more strength and flexibility, treatment of physical injuries or the search for a deeper understanding of life. The important thing is to be aware of the intention in practice, as we can all benefit from it regardless of age, origin, culture or religion.

One of the main characteristics of Hatha Yoga is its adaptability. We all have different bodies, and it is the way we adapt to practice that allows us to derive the best benefits. The body is seen as a tool of personal work, of self-development, where the awareness of the movement itself provides us with focus and mental discipline. And when this adaptability exists, it opens up the possibility of accepting who we are, with the weaknesses and qualities of our being. As such, we begin a new journey in the search for the balance of our inner and physical health. This is the power of Yoga.

Functional Hatha Yoga practices are composed of several postures (Asanas), aligned in a structured sequence, allowing a coordination of breathing with conscious movement. It is these alignments provided in class that allow a connection between postures, making this experience a meditation in motion. Of great dynamism, these are vigorous classes, since they can calm the mind and provide an intense workout.

Functional Hatha Yoga classes at the ThinkYoga studio have a minimum duration of 60 minutes, consisting of:

  • Mental rooting with breathing exercises (Pranayamas);
  • Warming the body with a sequence of soft postures (Asanas);
  • Flow sequence with postures (Asanas) in preparation for the peak posture;
  • Relaxation;
  • Abstraction of the Senses (Prathyara);

“We are happiest when we are following our hearts and doing what we really love. In essence, when we bring our hearts, minds, and bodies into alignment, we step into the flow of grace that is yoga. The journey of yoga is an inward search to find the very best within us and then to learn to express that every day in our bodies, minds, and hearts.” (Hatha Yoga Illustrated)