Spiritual Retreat- Returning to Everyday Life

Ana Pinto
3 min readAug 21, 2020
Photo by Ana Pinto

When there is an intense spiritual experience, our mind changes and is never the same. There is no way to unlearn what you have already learned when there is awareness of the true meaning of self-love. All of these experiences can be of great personal enrichment and provide us with immense peace. However, these experiences also have a lifespan, and after each adventure the time comes to return. However, returning home does not necessarily have to be an ending, or a cause for anxiety. The end is not part of our life if we know the true meaning of a new beginning.

There are countless ways to obtain information on how to get to these experiences. Be it silent retreats, walks, quiet places in nature or detailed programs for the construction of our conscience. But then, how do we return to our day-to-day lives, our relationships, our professional environment? How do we return to everyday life after a moment that changes us so often in a radical way? These insecurities do exist, and the way we look at the world is so different that the question arises: “How will I put into practice everything I have learned in my daily life?”.

I quickly came to the conclusion that there is no magic answer to this question. Learning to change is as complex as practising the change itself. It is useless to learn in theory if we do not put it into every activity of our life. These were the great teachings of my return:

Re-adapt our home.

The first contact we make on our return is with our home. Since most of these experiences allow us a greater contact with nature, we can immediately feel little natural light or even a feeling of claustrophobia. It is very important to adapt the house to our new reality and growth: to minimize spaces and create a meditation place, so that we have the necessary privacy and tranquility to feel the best possible.

Socialize gradually.

After a period of social isolation, it is common to have some sensitivity about breaking the silence or enduring the simple noise of traffic or a coffee shop. Movements can be managed gradually for a healthier adaptation. The same applies to contact with other people, as well as the return to the world of social networks.

Accept the world as it is.

Our surrouding world does not change at the same pace as us, and there will be situations, people and relationships that will never stop being as they always were.. It is not possible to transform everything around us in order to live like we live in a spiritual retreat. We must accept that we live in this society and try to make a difference every day by setting an example with our best practices.

Write not to forget.

It is as important to write during the period of the retreat as it is to write when we come back from it. If we write often, we can later analyse all our growth, which is fundamental to the steps we will want to take in our day-to-day lives. Just as rereading everything written in the retreat will help us to build a new life and happier habits, the same will happen in our daily lives and in the evolution we want to achieve.

Compassion for our soul.

For everything in life you need time and space to adapt. We need to believe in ourselves and know that today we are better able to make conscious decisions for ourselves and for a better world.